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Clean, free, unlimited energy1 Earth's renewable energy2 Eliminate batteries, wind turbines and solar panels3 100% perfect medicines in minutes4 Eliminate surface skin-friction5
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The Universe

Cover of publication The Universe

How the universe works

The universe is nothing like the model we have been sold over the years. It is so much simpler.

Here is an explanation that never once needed to claim that "the normal laws of physics do not apply".
It needs no unification theory and every single mathematical and natural law - from atoms to the Big-Bang - not only relates to the 'the normal laws of physics', they all relate to each other.

Apart from Max Planck's contribution, all the information to describe the workings of our universe accurately was available before the beginning of the 20th century. It, and everything in it, works according to Isaac Newton's laws of orbital motion.

This book is a narrative (non-mathematical) explanation of our universe - including everything in it from the atom to the 'Big-Bang' - and the way it works. It describes the energy that created it, the energy driving it, the energy it generates and where it stores its energy for the next 'Big-Bang'.

Whilst this book is non-mathematical, everything in it has been mathematically proven.
The maths and the physics are provided in the following supporting publications:
The Atom
The Life & Times of the Neutron
The Physical Constants
Theory of Spin


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