• Clean, free, unlimited energy for allCLEAN, FREE, UNLIMITED ENERGY
  • Earth's renewable energyEARTH'S RENEWABLE ENERGY
  • Eliminate batteries, wind turbines and solar panelsELIMINATE BATTERIES, WIND TURBINES & SOLAR PANELS
  • 100% perfect medicines in minutesPERFECT MEDICINES IN MINUTES
  • Eliminate surface skin-frictionELIMINATE SKIN FRICTION
Clean, free, unlimited energy1 Earth's renewable energy2 Eliminate batteries, wind turbines and solar panels3 100% perfect medicines in minutes4 Eliminate surface skin-friction5
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The Life & Times of the Neutron
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Cover of publication The Life & Times of a Neutron

A Neutron

Through his work on Isaac Newton's laws of orbital motion and The Atom, Keith Dixon-Roche has discovered the true nature of the neutron and why it is the most important atomic particle in the universe.

His discovery was made possible because of Newton's and Coulomb's work long before the 20th century and came to light whilst creating his previous book PHILOSOPHIÆ NATURALIS PRINCIPIA MATHEMATICA Revision IV.

Before today, the neutron has been an enigma. We knew nothing about it. It appeared to do nothing; just sit there and look pretty. The reality is very different.
This one particle can fundamentally change we live; giving us unlimited, free, clean energy.

This publication tells us how we can really clean up our act, using an energy source that will last the human race for 1.0E+14 years. Its by-product is hydrogen and helium.

Just in case you missed it, the book's title is a reference to the neutron's responsibility for an atom's half-life; an extremely important part of chemical activity.

What the neutron could mean to us

Its potentials are:
the need for only 0.000043% of today’s energy production
the elimination of;
     99% batteries
     all national power stations
     all power transmission lines
     all wind-turbines
     all solar panels
the safe recycling of nuclear waste
zero pollution from energy generation
less than 10% of today's mining requirements
less than 10% of today’s transport costs
personal vehicles with no drivetrain or fuel system, and never need refuelling

Keith also offers an investment package to turn these possibilities into reality


All of the paperback and digital versions of this book will be published through Amazon Books and may be acquired from their website after publication.

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