• Clean, free, unlimited energy for allCLEAN, FREE, UNLIMITED ENERGY
  • Earth's renewable energyEARTH'S RENEWABLE ENERGY
  • Eliminate batteries, wind turbines and solar panelsELIMINATE BATTERIES, WIND TURBINES & SOLAR PANELS
  • 100% perfect medicines in minutesPERFECT MEDICINES IN MINUTES
  • Eliminate surface skin-frictionELIMINATE SKIN FRICTION
Clean, free, unlimited energy1 Earth's renewable energy2 Eliminate batteries, wind turbines and solar panels3 100% perfect medicines in minutes4 Eliminate surface skin-friction5
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21st Century Principia

Keith Dixon-Roche has managed to explain the nature of the universe using Isaac Newton's laws of orbital motion, and in so doing, shown conclusively that Relativity and Quantum Theory can no longer be regarded as valid scientific theories.

This book is a simple but detailed explanation of Newton's laws of orbital motion and how they apply to all astronomic and atomic systems. Keith has attributed his book to Isaac Newton because it was Newton's original work that made these discoveries possible and is therefore the reason for its title (revision IV) and its primary author.

It explains how everything is energy and why there are no such things as; mass, heat, gravity, dark matter, "Black-Holes", singularities, event-horizons, photons or sub-atomic particles.
It includes mathematical explanations for Newton's own laws of motion together with his own discoveries; Newton's gravitational constant (G), Planck's error (h), the neutronic radius, heat constants (X, XR, Y), the true nature of light, and so much more.
It provides a detailed mathematical description of how the universe works, including; orbital motion, planetary spin, core pressure, the earth's magnetic field and the atom.

This book also includes mathematical verification for all of his models, claims and discoveries, and has since created a number of calculators for his theories that are available from this website: orbital motion, planetary spin, core pressure and the atom; the last three are believed to be the only such calculators in existence.

What it all Means

The principal benefits from Keith's discoveries are:
the need for only 0.000043% of today’s energy production
the potential elimination of;
     national power stations
     power transmission lines
     solar panels
the safe recycling of nuclear waste
zero pollution from energy generation
less than 10% of today's mining requirements
less than 10% of today’s transport costs
personal vehicles with no drivetrain or fuel system, etc.
negligible frictional-drag through air and water
99% fewer laboratories (material, chemical & Pharmaceutical)
100% efficient chemicals, materials & medicines @ less than 10% of today’s cost
100% recyclable packaging

Keith also offers an investment package to turn these possibilities into reality


All of the paperback and digital versions of this book have been published through Amazon Books and can be acquired from their website. The following Table provides direct links to the relevant Amazon webpage for each version of the book.

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