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Clean, free, unlimited energy1 Earth's renewable energy2 Eliminate batteries, wind turbines and solar panels3 100% perfect medicines in minutes4 Eliminate surface skin-friction5
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The Atom

Cover of publication The Atom

The Atom

Through his work on Isaac Newton's laws of orbital motion and The Atom, Keith Dixon-Roche has discovered that together with Coulomb's force law, Newton's laws also apply to the atom.

His discovery was made possible because of Newton's and Coulomb's work long before the 20th century and came to light whilst creating his previous book PHILOSOPHIÆ NATURALIS PRINCIPIA MATHEMATICA Revision IV.

Before today, the atom was considered to have behaved according to the statistical rules of Quantum Theory, which to this day has never been proven.
Keith's model of the atom is not only verifiable against the observed universe, it is also extremely simple. It obeys all of Newton's laws of motion and blows away the need to claim that the law of physics do not apply to it.

This publication includes a completely new look at the physical constants defining those that govern the properties of all particles within the atom.

This atomic model is the precursor to a theoretical model for the molecule, which will solve all of today's problems with chemical and medicinal unpredictability.

Proof of its mathematical viability is the fact that a calculator now exists for Atoms

What the molecular calculator could mean to us

It will enable us to predict all chemical reactions mathematically perfectly through a computer terminal - no more live-testing or lengthy qualification periods - eliminating the ability for hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to define a patient’s right to live or die based upon his or her ability to pay
It will eliminate the need for almost all [trial & error] laboratory experimentation
The entire range of properties and side-effects from new chemicals and materials will be totally predictable
Such a calculator is the only possible total cure for cancer

Keith also offers an investment package to turn these possibilities into reality


All of the paperback and digital versions of this book will be published through Amazon Books and may be acquired from their website after publication.

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