• The solution to Newton's GThe exact value for Isaac Newton's gravitational constant 'G' and the formula to create it
  • The theory controlling planetary spinThe laws governing the spin in planets and stars - finally solved
  • The pressure at the centre of a massAll the formulas to calculate the pressure throughout any mass. The pressure at the centre of the Earth is zero!
  • Proof of the non-exitence of Dark MatterFinally! incontravertible proof that dark matter does not exit + the properies of the Milky Way's force-centre and the galaxy
  • The atom as Newton and Coulomb describe itA complete and accurate description of the atom using Newton's and Coulomb's laws with no need for a unification theory
The solution to Newton's G1 The theory controlling planetary spin2 Pressure at the centre of the Earth3 Proof of the non-exitence of Dark Matter4 The atom as Newton describes it5
Available Now 2ᴺᴰ Moment of Area 2ᴺᴰ Moment of Area+ Added Mass & Drag Areas & Volumes Balancing (rotary) Beam Strength Beam Strength+ Bearings (low friction) Bearings (plain) Belt Drives Bending Moments BiMetallic Strip Buoyancy Carbon Steel Catenary Catenary+ Cathodic Protection Centrifugal Force Colebrook & Fanning Column Buckling Combined Stress Co-ordinates Copper Alloys Core Pressure Electrical Current Elliptical Curves Engineering Basics Explosions Fans Fatigue Flange Gaskets Flanges Floors Fluid Forces Fluid Numbers Friction Galvanic Corrosion Gears Hardness Conversion HPHT Flexible Pipe Lift Rigging Logs & Trig Machining Tolerances Metal Properties Mode Shapes Mode 14 Newton's Laws of Motion Ocean Waves Optical Lenses Padeyes Partial Pressures Piling Pipe Flow Pipe Flow+ Pipe Strength Planetary Spin Plastic Stress in Beams Plate Deflection Pressure Vessels Reel Capacity Resolution of Forces Screw Thread Machining Screw Threads Shafts Shock Loads Spring Coefficients Spring Strength Steel Beam Sizes Stress Concentration Table of the Elements Thermal Conductivity Trigonometry UniQon Upheaval Buckling Velocity & Acceleration Vessel Motions Vessel RAOs Vibration Damping Vortex Shedding Walls, Barriers & Tanks Weight Lifting Welding Wire Rope

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Weight Lifting Calculator v1
Weight Lifting Calculator v1

Weight Lifting calculates the factors for weight and movement associated with mechanical advantage systems such as gears, lever, jacks, hydraulics, pulleys and sheaves

Welding Calculator v1
Welding Calculator v1

The weld strength calculator compares the strength and filler material volumes of equvalent fillet and butt welds

Wire Rope Calculator v1
Wire Rope Calculator v1

Wire Ropes calculates the properties of multi-strand wire ropes including the effects of increased packing density and dimensional changes expected under tension


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