• Second moment of area moment of inertiaCalculate the second moment of area and radius of gyration of common shapes about weak and strong axes
  • Cubic orientation of primary and shear stresses and principal stress cosine rotationCombine primary and shear stresses into equivalent and principal stresses & their cosines
  • Nucleus and electron shells of atomic elementFind, sort and reorganise the properties of nature's atomic elements with active periodic table
  • Formulas included in Engineering PrinciplesCalculate unknowns in principle engineering formulas: stress, moments, power, energy, capstans, fluids, etc.
  • Properties of a triangle with inscribed and circumscribed circlesCalculate the properties of triangles and triangular configurations including inscribed and circumscribed circles
Area Moment calculation1 Combined Stress calculation2 Elements calculation3 Engineering Principles calculation4 Trigonometry calculation5
Coming Soon Aerodynamics Motors & Generators Sheet Deflection Pulleys Pumps "To Follow"

Programs to Follow ...

The following calculators are planned for the near future
'[DB]' refers to DataBases:

Armour (armouring systems for flexible pipes and umbilicals)
Battery (optimise conditions for battery materials)
Curves (co-ordinates of mathematical curves such as spirals, helices, parabolas, etc.)
Fabrics (fabrics under load)
Frames (resistance to loading on simple frames)
Fuels (performance of ignited fuels)
Gases [DB] (properties of most common gases)
Hydraulics (pressure variations across liquid carrying conduits)
Hydrodynamics (behaviour of liquid flowing over common shapes)
HydroLapse (elastic failure of pipes under external hydrostatic pressure)
Insulation [DB] (insulation properties of most common materials)
Interest (simple and compound interest)
Liquids [DB] (properties of most common liquids)
Lubricators [DB] (lubrication properties of most liquids)
Magnetism (properties and behaviour of magnets)
Materials [DB] (properties of most common miscellaneous materials)
Pendulums (performance and behaviour of various pendulum systems)
Pipes [DB] (properties of standard pipe sections)
Planets (The) [DB] (physical properties of the planets)
Plastics [DB] (properties of most common plastics)
Plating (optimise conditions for plating metals)
Polymers (properties of 120 common elastomers and plastics)
Polynomials (binomials, trinomials, etc.)
PowerWork (behaviour of moving and stationary loads)
Progressions (arithmetic and geometric progressions)
Rivets (size rivets for optimum performance)
Rolling (properties and effects of rolling resistance)
Soils (properties and behaviour of soils under load)
Speeds+Feeds (speeds and feeds of machinery such as lathe, milling and grinding machines)
ThermRad (thermal radiation, convection and conduction)
Trig Plus (complex relationships between trigonometrical terms/properties)
Vectors (convert between, and combine, polar and scalar co-ordinates)
Vents (sizing of vents and apertures for protection against explosions)
Venturi (behaviour of fluids across a venturi)
Viscosity [DB] (dynamic and kinematic viscosity of most common liquids)
Woods [DB] (properties of most common woods)

The above list of calculators is in alphabetical order only and CalQlata reserves the right to add, subtract or change the above information without prior notice.

Should a customer wish for a calculator that is not on the list, please feel free to make a suggestion. The proposer will be notified if and when the calculator is released.

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