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Specialist Service Contract
(including custom calculators)

The following (blue and red text) constitutes the wording for a legally binding contract between CalQlata and its clients for the provision of CalQlata's specialist services and the creation of custom calculators to client specifications.

After agreeing the price and associated workscope, the client must copy and paste the following Contract Text onto his/her/its headed notepaper, correct all text highlighted in red and add his/her signature. In the event the client is a company, the signature of a Director is required. CalQlata shall supply the client with a contract number that is to be incorporated into the title of the printed/signed document.

The client may modify the format of the contract text but not the wording.
The signed document is to be scanned and emailed to CalQlata before the workscope can commence.

Until a professional relationship between the client and CalQlata has engendered sufficient confidence, CalQlata advocates the following approach to its clients for the provision of CalQlata's specialist services:
i) Break-up the workscope into small, controllable 'packets'
ii) Ensure that each 'packet' generates a useable result or conclusion
iii) Create a contract from the document provided below for each 'packet' as required

Contract Text

Contract Number ????-????

This document constitutes a legally binding contract, between the Parties (defined below) for the supply of specialist services by CalQlata to its Client.
By signing this contract the Client shall automatically agree to abide by "the spirit of the contract" in cases where ambiguity arises between the contract and the Client's interpretation of its wording.

The Party and Parties shall refer and apply individually and severally to all representatives, officers and contractors thereof

Party 1: CalQlata known as 'www.calqlata.com', of the United Kingdom, heretofore referred to as CalQlata

Party 2: client name of address or company registration/incorporation number and country, heretofore referred to as the Client

Contract Commencement: start date       Contract Period: period or end date

Property (definition): The Property shall include any and all original designs, technologies, formulas, diagrams and narrative generated by either Party that was not in the public domain at the time of disclosure.

The Contract:

1. CalQlata shall provide specialist services to the Client according to Appendix I of this contract

2. The Client shall reimburse CalQlata for its services according to the terms of this contract

3. Property Ownership: All Property ownership rights shall belong to the originating Party. Should either Party wish to claim ownership of a particular or sensitive Property over which potential disagreement may occur at a later date, it is incumbent upon the claimant to obtain agreement with the other Party prior to disclosure.

4. Rules (of operation): The Client shall agree to abide by CalQlata's Rules of Operation as defined on CalQlata's website thus ...
a. Supply of Custom calculators
b. Supply of Specilaist Services
... according to applicability.

5. Costs: CalQlata shall keep the Client informed of all costs associated with this contract prior to their being incurred by the Client.

6. Confidentiality: The Parties shall keep confidential all aspects of the contract unless prior written consent to confidentiality release has been issued by the other Party. This clause shall survive this contract in perpetuity unless prior written agreement for confidentiality release has been received by the non-disclosing Party.

7. Representatives: The following responsible persons shall act as representative for the contract
a. CalQlata: Keith Dixon-Roche (info@calqlata.com)
b. Client: name (email address)

8. Termination: Either Party may terminate this contract at any time, however,
a. This contract shall remain in force until all due funds have been received by CalQlata and all due services have been received by the Client
b. The terminating Party shall do so in writing, including his/her reason(s) for doing so

9. Written Notification: All written notifications of any nature or degree concerning this contract shall be issued by email. Both Parties shall issue 'Read Receipts' for all emails received.

10. This contract shall be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom

11. Price: £???? plus costs associated with modifications to the original workscope (see Appendix I)

Signed on behalf of the Client:



name (title; e.g. Director)

Date: date of signature


Appendix I: Workscope

client to include its agreed workscope here

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