• Second moment of area moment of inertiaCalculate the second moment of area and radius of gyration of common shapes about weak and strong axes
  • Cubic orientation of primary and shear stresses and principal stress cosine rotationCombine primary and shear stresses into equivalent and principal stresses & their cosines
  • Nucleus and electron shells of atomic elementFind, sort and reorganise the properties of nature's atomic elements with active periodic table
  • Formulas included in Engineering PrinciplesCalculate unknowns in principle engineering formulas: stress, moments, power, energy, capstans, fluids, etc.
  • Properties of a triangle with inscribed and circumscribed circlesCalculate the properties of triangles and triangular configurations including inscribed and circumscribed circles
Area Moment calculation1 Combined Stress calculation2 Elements calculation3 Engineering Principles calculation4 Trigonometry calculation5

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