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  • Proof of the non-exitence of Dark MatterDOES NOT EXIST
  • The atom as Newton and Coulomb describe itNO NEED FOR A UNIFICATION THEORY
The solution to Newton's G1 The theory controlling planetary spin2 Pressure at the centre of the Earth3 Proof of the non-exitence of Dark Matter4 The atom as Newton describes it5
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(how it really works)

Cover of publication The Atom

The Atom

A complete description of an atom that really works, according to the mathematical laws of Isaac Newton and Charles-Augustin de Coulomb.

This publication includes: the properties of the proton, electron and neutron;
i.e. the only three atomic particles that exist in nature.

It disproves the need for a unification theory and identifies the reasons why Quantum Theory is nothing more than a theoretical exercise that will never be able to define the atom.


This publication will be available through Amazon Books in the Spring of 2019

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