• The solution to Newton's GEXACT VALUE & FORMULA
  • The pressure at the centre of a massTHE MATHEMATICAL LAW (calculator)
  • The pressure at the centre of a massEARTH'S INTERNAL STRUCTURE (calculator)
  • Proof of the non-exitence of Dark MatterDOES NOT EXIST
  • The atom as Newton and Coulomb describe itNO NEED FOR A UNIFICATION THEORY
The solution to Newton's G1 The theory controlling planetary spin2 Pressure at the centre of the Earth3 Proof of the non-exitence of Dark Matter4 The atom as Newton describes it5
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Cover of publication Laws of Motion for Elliptical Orbits

Elliptical Orbits

A detailed but simple mathematical explanation of Isaac Newton's laws of motion inasmuch as they apply to elliptical orbits as in galaxies, planets and moons.

This publication includes: orbital motion, planetary spin, core pressure, earth's magnetic field, formulas for 'G' & 'k', along with an explanantion why E=mc² applies only to orbital motion.

It includes a detailed breakdown of the problems with Relativity and why it can no longer be regarded as a valid theory for 'space-time-gravity' (Newton was correct).

It also disproves the existence of dark matter, proves that 'black-holes' are actually just dead stars, and explains the probable source of the big bang.


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